Nice border policy Dub-ya! 

Nice border policy Dub-ya!

I've often marveled at the shortsightedness of the Bush administration when it come to securing and locking down our northern and southern borders. For someone that is so concerned about threats to the american way of life, you would think the first thing on his agenda would be to secure his own backyard before moving overseas. I mean who knows how many terrorists could have snuck across the border so far? The southern border is so damn porous you could drive a convoy of semi trailers across in broad daylight and probably not get caught. There is a hole in the damn fence between San Diego and Tijuana that could be letting God knows who in.
There need's to be a mandate in this country that if you come here illegally you will not recieve public assistance, health care or any social services, but will be deported as soon as possible. Once word gets out on the street that this isn't the land of free handouts and unlimited resources, maybe the constant flood will slow somewhat.
It will never happen of course. The polititians are too busy kissing the asses of every minority voting block they can. Every mexican should be allowed to come here illegally if they want to, say some advocacy groups. And Bush isn't helping matters by granting amnesty to all the mexicans here illegally already. I realize that he is just kowtowing to his big buisness buddies by providing cheap ass labor, but all it does is encourage more to come across the border.
They day we have a president with some balls that will use military troops to secure the borders is a day we can all breath a little easier. This isn't the land of unlimited resources people.

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Comment Dark runner--I heard a rumor that Dick DeVos is just like GW, but way more of a religious wacko. They say he belongs to a secret Catholic society called Regnum Christi or the Legionaries of Christ, who are, like, Christian Zionists. They think the Catholic Bishops in the US are way too liberal (gasp!) and that we need to use up all the world's resources and do away with governments. Have you heard anything on this?

Mon Sep 18, 2006 7:53 pm MST by Cindy Lou Who

Comment dub-ya is a dip slip! keep up the great site!

Wed Aug 2, 2006 12:23 am MST by Anonymous

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