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Nice border policy Dub-ya!

I've often marveled at the shortsightedness of the Bush administration when it come to securing and locking down our northern and southern borders. For someone that is so concerned about threats to the american way of life, you would think the first thing on his agenda would be to secure his own backyard before moving overseas. I mean who knows how many terrorists could have snuck across the border so far? The southern border is so damn porous you could drive a convoy of semi trailers across in broad daylight and probably not get caught. There is a hole in the damn fence between San Diego and Tijuana that could be letting God knows who in.
There need's to be a mandate in this country that if you come here illegally you will not recieve public assistance, health care or any social services, but will be deported as soon as possible. Once word gets out on the street that this isn't the land of free handouts and unlimited resources, maybe the constant flood will slow somewhat.
It will never happen of course. The polititians are too busy kissing the asses of every minority voting block they can. Every mexican should be allowed to come here illegally if they want to, say some advocacy groups. And Bush isn't helping matters by granting amnesty to all the mexicans here illegally already. I realize that he is just kowtowing to his big buisness buddies by providing cheap ass labor, but all it does is encourage more to come across the border.
They day we have a president with some balls that will use military troops to secure the borders is a day we can all breath a little easier. This isn't the land of unlimited resources people.

Ward Churchill is an asshole.

Some of you may have heard about this douche bag proffessor from University of Colorado. He is a self proclaimed native american and he wrote an article that has been in the news as of late. Basically he is one of the "hate america" collective on the left. America is to blame for every evil everywhere in the world. Capitalism is abhorrent and the victims of 9/11 were deserving of their fate.

This self proclaimed native american is an douche bag, and uses his position as head of ethnic studies to compose his own brand of fiction. He obviously hates every thing about america and capitolism, and yet he remains in this country and partakes of said capitolism by spewing his fiction towards the left wing nut jobs. Here's a clue for ya Ward, if America is really as bad as you picture it in your fictional flights of fancy, what the hell are you still doing here? If I lived in a country that I firmly beleived was evil, such as China or Iran, I would be hell bent for leather trying to leave. Yet you do not, do you sir? You sit and take from a society and a country that you hate, as it allows you to sell your fiction to the throng of nuts that "think" along the same lines as you.

Yes there is a thing called free speech. I would not take away his right to publish his stories. However there are consequences to speech as well. When you hurt a group such as people that lost loved ones on 9/11, there are consequences to that action. Was he surprised to be recieving threats? When you peddle that kind of lunacy, you know whats coming.

So Ward my boy, if America is so evil in your eyes as well as it's capitalistic society, do us a favor and leave. Perhaps Russia or China may be more in line with what you want in a country

Israel- Big enough to be on its own?

Well since I am already on the topic of wasting money on foreign countries, I might as well address Israel. With a proposed aid package of approximately 2.6 billion dollars to Israel this year, I am left shaking my head somewhat.

Now, Israel's military is probably among the top ten in the world as far as skill and technology go. I think the U.S. can take some credit for that, given the massive military aid and training we have provided them for so long. However, this isn't 1949 anymore. They now have state of the art technology as well as a nuclear aresenal estimated to be around 400. I don't think they need our massive financial support anymore. They proved their military prowess quite suitably in the Six Day War taking on several nations at once and winning quite rapidly. I imagine with all the advanced american weapons systems as well as a vast arsenal of nuclear weapons, I really don't think they have much to fear from anyone, aside from suicide bombers. I think we could end our policy of dumping money on Israel any time now and they would do quite well.

I can think of quite a few programs here in the U.S. that could benefit from that kind of money, and i'm not talking about socialized medicine or welfare programs. I am talking about using money like that to improve america's technological stance, and make us into even more of a world leader as far as innovation and technological dominance go. Stressing science and math from kindergarten to college.

America can't continue to give grants to all these nations indefinitely.....

Why the hell is the U.S. in Iraq?

Although I would call myself somewhat of a conservative, as of late I have begun to wonder about the state of this administrations intelligence. I think Pat Buchanan would have made a better choice for the GOP than Bush.

I think we can all assume that at some point in time, Saddam had some sort of WMD's, as evidenced by his gas attack on the Kurds. The question is what did he do with them, and was he a threat to the United States. I would submit that Sadaam more than likely sent his WMD's into Syria or Lebanon. Otherwise, if he had dismantled his program, why wouldn't he have jumped at the chance to show the U.N.?? Get some sanctions lifted and maintain his position of power? I think they were shipped to Syria or Lebanon or are stored in some desert underground warehouses.

Was Sadaam a threat to the United States?? I would say hell no. He had no blue water navy to speak of, no missle delivery system capable of reaching the United States, and no long range, refuelable bomber fleet. Which would mean the only way he could have had to harm the United States would be to attack targets of opportunity abroad, or, to send agents in across U.S. borders, in which case, that would be our fault. With borders as porous as ours currently are, I imagine it is just a matter of time before some fundamentalist nut job makes it across the Canadian or Mexican border.

What really gets me is the amount of money being pissed away on this operation. All the untold billions that could have been dumped into american research and development, schools, infrastructure or other worthy american issues. Why should we be so eager to help those who will not help themselves? If revolution was good enough for america, it's good enough for Iraq and all other countries under oppresive regimes. We shouldn't be wasting american time and lives trying to be the world's policeman.

It's high time we looked after america and let the rest of the world fend for themselves.

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